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Anonymous: What tv shows do you watch? Do you wtch a lot of movies or shows like pretty little liars or the popular game of thrones which I've never seen

I like Girls, Teen Wolf (don’t make fun!), True Detective, It’s Always Sunny, Trailer Park Boys, uuuuuuh I can’t think of any others but I’m sure there are more.

Anonymous: What's better to buy for making drinks : juicer or blender an what's a. Good brand that does t breakdown. Soon after a few weeks not is highly pricy

It depends on whether you want smoothies or juices you know. I have both a blender and a smoothie. My juicer is one I just got at target, I know there are some pretty expensive ones out there. For smoothies, I would say nutribullet or vitamix if you want to spend some money.

Anonymous: Hahah how is your mom paranoid or extremely hormonal? What's she like?is she pessimistic or is she just fearful of sling anything

hmmmmmm crazy. just crazy.

Anonymous: Realationshipbrealups are tough and always a struggle cry it does make you stronger and realize to be happy with yourself always. You just need to remind yourself of all the benefits and new strength and experiences you have now so don't feel sad and want to retry it if it wasn't a good fit. You will come across. Another opportunity soon enough! Does your ex still stay in touch with you or are you completely done? He is your ex friend also that you miss? :(

Yep they’re tough but I’m getting through it. I’ll be better in the long run from this experience. My ex fucking hates me haha; we don’t stay in touch.

"You don’t believe me when I tell you that I like the noises you make when you sleep
And I don’t believe you when you tell me that my voice is your favorite sound,
Not when you can sing like that.
One of your ex’s name tastes like stale coffee
And the other one burns as if I’ve swallowed a scalding pot.
You don’t understand why I don’t discuss my first love with you
But how am I supposed to tell the sun that I once fell for the moon?
If I could, I’d pay rent for the spaces between your fingers,
So if anyone else tried to intertwine their hand with yours,
They would be trespassing.
I’m very good at useless metaphors
And very bad at telling people how I feel
But on our worst nights, you’re snow in the month of March
and even though I’m sick of winter,
I will never stop appreciating the beauty of a blizzard."







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