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I gained like… 356 followers in 8 minutes.
All i had to fucking do was click “yes” on a link
click yes on this link here
i’m so happy i finally reached 2,000 followers :D

wtf this worked for me (everyday) too

OMFG crying, I gained another 400 today because of this :’)

im on my cell phone and gained 732 followers from this!!!
Anonymous: Dear tumble followers

I love you all. You inspire me and help me and I want you to know that I’m here for you all, always. I wish the best for all of you sweet babies. Lots of love and peace ahhhhh xoxoxox

Anonymous: Dear last person I got into an argument with about

I wish we could be friends since we can’t be anything else. I wish we could be okay since we can’t even be friends. I wish things ended differently. I love you.

Anonymous: I want to start birth control but I've heard so many things against it. I'm little and I don't know if they hormones or whatever in it will overly effect me. Have you ever taken it or are taking it? Which do you recommend? Does it make you gain weight?

I take aviane and it didn’t make me gain weight. I’ve been on it for about 3 years now. It has a lower dose of hormones so the side effects wouldn’t be so bad for a smaller body. If you’re having sex I would go for it. I used to be super against it because I didn’t want extra hormones in my body, but it was worth it for my anxiety.

Anonymous: How do you spend most of your time during your day/]? i.e. movie watching with friends or ...

A mix of everything I guess. I balance it all out. I workout, get Starbucks, get a green juice or smoothie, spend time with friends/family, shop, read, study, learn, and work! Usually. Haha.

Anonymous: do you like starbucks frapps?

Oui! Drinking one now actually outside Starbucks haha

Anonymous: where can i get a nice black bag??????????????????????

Anywhere! If you don’t want to pay TOO much money but still want quality, go to Tj Maxx

Anonymous: What tv shows do you watch? Do you wtch a lot of movies or shows like pretty little liars or the popular game of thrones which I've never seen

I like Girls, Teen Wolf (don’t make fun!), True Detective, It’s Always Sunny, Trailer Park Boys, uuuuuuh I can’t think of any others but I’m sure there are more.

Anonymous: What's better to buy for making drinks : juicer or blender an what's a. Good brand that does t breakdown. Soon after a few weeks not is highly pricy

It depends on whether you want smoothies or juices you know. I have both a blender and a smoothie. My juicer is one I just got at target, I know there are some pretty expensive ones out there. For smoothies, I would say nutribullet or vitamix if you want to spend some money.